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Consuelo Isabel Aguilar, (04/05/1982-02/17/2009) went on to spirit world but in her short life, dispersed seeds of hope throughout the community. Consuelo had recently finished her graduate studies, received a Masters Degree in Mexican American Studies and was working towards her admissions into law school. Her interest in academics stemmed from her love of the Chicano/Latino community and wanting to give people a better quality of life.

Consuelo at Rally

At the University of Arizona Consuelo was heavily involved with a university organization known as Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (M.E.Ch.A.). When she was a graduate student she held the position of Graduate Advisor and in this capacity she provided guidance, history and advise the executive board of this organization work locally with the community and the university. During this time, she learned how to facilitate high school and college students to organize quickly when the issue of immigration hit the streets. When H.R. 4437 was proposed by congress she worked with youth who began to organize student teach-ins and protests with their school administrators and county officials. Since most of her community work and undergraduate research focused on immigration---the criminalization of undocumented people through public policy became her main focus.

Within her graduate career, Arizona faced forty anti-immigrant and anti-latino bills. As a result, in 2005/2006 the community's awareness about the immigration issue began to grow. Consuelo on Phone Consuelo was asked to present her research not only locally within the middle schools, high schools and colleges, but also nationally in places such as Florida, Washington, and New Mexico. Her research team was able to show cities within the interior of the nation, the east coast, and the northern border what was going on in the Arizona-Sonora border and why immigration policy in this nation was a broken system.

When Consuelo finished her Master's program, she worked with Raza Studies out of the Tucson Unified School District as an academic specialist/program coordinator where she organized various events that promoted capacity building among youth. She spent most of her time nurturing positive relationships with the students by exposing them to academia, helping them network with City and County officials, and getting them to organize their own youth events. This year's 2nd Annual Unity Festival organized by students at Tucson High is a living testament of how Consuelo inspired these youth to take ownership of creating events by and for youth.

Consuelo at rally

Consuelo's life was filled with beauty and she moved to the beat of her own tunes. As a lover of the arts, she enjoyed dancing to the beats of hip hop and folklorico. Her voice adorned her guitar strumming during her mariachi tocadas and she was no stranger to the art of teatro. She preformed with various groups around town including Catalina Players, Borderlands Theater, and in 2007 with the Dia V coalition. She dreamed of better days in which the male/female duality was acknowledged, lived, and celebrated as said in her poem, I am Xicana. Consuelo shared her life with so many friends and her greatest supporters and backbone was her family.

¡Que Viva Consuelo!

Consuelo at rally


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