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Consuelo @ UofA Nov 19 2005



This website is dedicated to our Daughter, Sister, Tia and friend; Consuelo Isabel Aguilar. Consuelo accomplished so many things in such a short time with one common denominator, her capacity to help others in need of help. Consuelo had a passion for culture heritage, traditions and social justice for the under privileged. She became involved in the MeCha movement in middle school and continued through high school and eventually the University of Arizona. We her family and friends are proud that people associate Consuelo's name and her accomplishments with inspiration and with an attitude of 'si se puede'.


The Aguilar Family would like to thank our family and scores of friends within the Tucson community including friends who helped from many other states. We thank all of you for your prayers and help for our family.


The objective of this website to raise awareness of an individual's potential to receive an education. Also it is the intent of this site to instill the passion for knowledge and cultural pride to succeed. The Aguilar family, with the support and help of many friends, has collaborated with University of Arizona to establish the Consuelo Aguilar Scholarship Fund. Consuelo's final wish was that something be created to bring about cancer awareness among the Mexican American and Spanish speaking community. A Run/Walk at the University of Arizona has been establish to raise funds for the Consuelo Aguilar Scholarship Fund, administered by the UA-Mexican American Studies Department.

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